Sepcial Credit

NBP-partnered MFIs: PRASAC, AMRET and Hattha Kaksekar The lack of cash among farmers and the absence of an affordable credit product has always been mentioned by the PBPOs is the main bottleneck for the construction of plants. Due to the joint efforts of Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), PRASAC-MFI and NBP this problem has been solved from November 2007 onwards. Based on the need of farmers FMO expand its effort to Amret Financial Institute and NBP starting from May 2009. NBP is newly cooperated with Hattha Kaksekar in July 2013. All farmers in the NBP provinces have access to a special biodigester credit at favourable terms compared to regular micro-credit. The conditions of this credit provision, 1.2 % interest per month on reclining principle and 2 years running time, is acceptable for most potential clients. At the moment 70% of all constructed plants have this micro-credit. With FMO and other financial partners a model will have to be sought to come to a permanent credit scheme for biodigester construction investment.