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25,000th Biodigesters celebration in Dambae District, Thbong Khmum Province

Coming of farmers for Biodigester Debate

Up to end of July 2016, NBP has built 25,115 biodigesters built with 130,500 direct beneficiaries in all target provinces. To celebrate the accomplishment that the successful programme implementation above, The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) will host a 25,000th Biodigesters Celebration presided over by H.E Veng Sakhon, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on 13 August 2016 in Pong Ro village, Neang Teut commune, Dambae district, Tboung Khmum province. 25,000th Biodigesters Celebration also was honored by H.E. Prach Chan, Provincial Governor of Tboung Khmum province, the participation of senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, NBP Steering Committee’s members, relevant departments directors Directors of Provincial Biodigester Programme Office, and farmers total comprising approximately 250 people. The objective of the 25,000th biodigester celebration is to “promote biodigester dissemination so that farmers get a renewable energy for cooking and organic fertilizer for integrated farming system approach”.

20,000th plants celebration in Svay Rieng province

Coming of farmers for Biodigester Debate Meeting with 400 Biogas Users and Congratulation plant #20,000 The celebration of 20,000th plants that was held in Svay Rieng Province on 24th, Feb 2014 under the presiding of His Excellency​ Om Kimsear.

Biodigester Technology Debate 2014

Coming of farmers for Biodigester Debate Meeting with 400 Biogas Users and Congratulation plant #20,000 On Feb 2014, NBP and Department of Environmental Education and Communication co-organized a debate of biodigester technology on two topic. The first topic is “Having Biodigester is better investment for farmers” and the second topic is "That Quality of bio-slurry is much better than chemical fertilizer" in National Television (TVK). The significant event is lively discussed by four teams of student fromRoyal University of Agriculture, (RUA), Prek Leap National College of Agriculture (PLNCA),International University (IU), and Cambodian Mekong University (CMU).

Nation Biodigester Programme of Cambodia Obtains Carbon Finance from Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

Cambodia’s National Biodigester Programme (NBP)has received thethird consecutive issuance of tradable Gold Standard carbon credits for its nationwide programme, which reducesgreenhouse gas emissionsand improves local livelihoods through the dissemination of almost20,000 household sized biodigester units. The carbon credits are sold in the international carbon market to those wishing to offset their environmental footprint. NBP, a government owned programme initiated by the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, markets locally produced domestic biodigesters to rural farmers. The biodigester converts manure into biogas, a clean and convenient cooking and lighting fuel, which eliminates the need to use non-renewable fuels such as wood and charcoal. “Carbon finance supports the nationwide, sustainable dissemination of clean energy technology that improves the livelihoods of rural farmers” says H.E. Nou Muth, programme director of NBP. Harry Oppenoorth from Hivos, which has supported the development of carbon finance for this programme since the outset, adds, “Through carbon finance the programme has its own funding, allowing the programme to grow in a sustainable and robust way.”

Coming of farmers for Biodigester Debate

Coming of farmers for Biodigester Debate On 11 October 2011, NBP and MAFF co-organized a debate of agriculture on “Biodigester and Climate Change” in National Television (TVK). The significant event is lively discussed by two teams of farmer, coming from Takeo and Kampong Speu province. One extra model farmer from Svay Rieng, Kampot and Prey Veng provinces shares experiences on operating biodigester and its multi benefits.

International Workshop on Domestic Biogas in Asia

On 10-12 November 2010, Cambodia is a host country to organize the International workshop in Phnom Penh. It is participated by expatriate guess from different 19 countries as well as local practitioners. They are mainly focus on planning of biodigester construction and financing in Asian countries up to 2016. Field visit to see how the local appliances been manufactured, slurry management and use, biodigester construction companies and programme management structure were included in the second day of the event.

Signing MoU with Amret MFI on Biodigester Credit

In June 2009, the programme and the Amret Microfinance Institution signed the Memorandum of Understanding on “the Biodigester Credit Programme in Cambodia”.

Signing agreement on Emission Reduction with Hivos

In May 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)has signed an “Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement” with the Hivos Climate Fund for the emission reduction of 5000 biodigester plants for a period of 10 years. A biodigester plant for domestic use reduces CO2 emission by around six tons per annum. The income from the emission reduction sale can be used to extend and improve the programme. National Workshop on Domestic Biodigester Sector Development in Cambodia On the 24th December 2008, H.E. Dr. Chan Sarun, the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery honored and provided an opening speech for the National Workshop on "Domestic Biodigester Sector Development in Cambodia" in Sunway Hotel. The overall objective of the workshop is to enhance biodigester technology awareness and its benefits among politicians, leaders of relevant ministries, rural development agencies and local authorities, and there were over 80 participants attended the workshop.