Private Sector Development

To become a permanent sector, it is necessary to have solid contributions from the farmers. Generally, farmers cover around 70-80% of the total costs. In the long run, development of an effective private sector (Biogas Construction Company) that supports the commercial, market oriented biodigester sector in Cambodia will be a reliable service provider to potential farmers.

The core of the supply side is the commercially operating Biodigester Construction Companies (BCCs). They are carefully selected from NBP skilled masons to be trained as entrepreneur. BCCs are small to medium sized companies, located within the market they are covering and operating within a micro-franchise model. This means that BCCs can market, construct and perform after-sales service for biodigester according to strict conditions set by the programme. These conditions regulate the quality of information provided to (potential) clients, the quality of biodigester construction and appliances, the quality of after-sales service and guarantee delivery and the manner how companies can compete within the market. This can only be done on service delivery while prices are regulated.

Up to present time, 58 companies are covering in 14 provinces for construction service provision.