NBP has successfully achieved the following results from 2006 up to the end of Sept 2016 as follow:

  • NBP significantly achieved 25,383 biodigesters, namely:
    • . 19,173 Farmer’s Friend Biodigester (FF) equal to 103% over planning 18,600 units within 7 years of implementation (NBP Phase I, 2006-2012)
    • . 4,988 FF Biodigester equal to 53% over planning 9,500 units within 3 years of implementation (NBP Phase II, 2013-2015)
    • . 1,222 Biodigesters for Jan-Sept 2016 (NBP Phase III, 2016-2020 with planning of 9,260 Biodigesters) in which 1,061 are FF Biodigesters, and 161 are NBPS1 Pro-poor Biodigesters(37 units supported by Polarstern)
    • . Medium Scale Biodigester piloting for pigs farm for innovation development starting in mid 2016
  • Of the 25,000 systems installed, 90% of these systems are still operating satisfactory according to the Monitoring Report MRIV of Credit Period II.
  • Approximately 132,000 beneficiaries directly benefited from biodigester. Comparing to total technical potentials throughout Cambodia, 0.5 Million households, only 6% installed biodigesters.
  • Private Sector Development (PSD), starting from May 2009 up to present. Totally, there are 58 BCCs functioning throughout the programme areas.
  • A biodigester replaced annually, 50 dollars worth of chemical fertilizer with nutrient rich bio-slurry. 90% of biodigester owners applied bio- slurry for their agriculture purposes, consisting of rice farming, vegetable, animal food and botanical fertilizers.
  • About 2,500 families (15% of total users) attached sanitary toilet to the biodigester to ensure their home dramatically upgrades hygiene and public health.
  • Created employment for rural farmers, entrepreneurs to perceive regular income accounted for 700 people.
  • A biodigester replaces last century’s way of cooking with modern cooking through biogas, which can save over 2 tons of fuel wood per year. It contributed to carbon emission reduction of 4.5 tons per year per biodigester. From 2006 up to December 2016, NBP has credited approx. 482,000 Gold Standard-VER.
  • Cooperated with 3 large Micro Financial institutions such as PRASAC, AMRET and Hattha Kaksekar to provide special loan for biodigester farmers, interest rate 1.2%/month within the system paid itself back in less than 24 months. A household with a biodigester did not have to buy anymore: fuel wood, charcoal, batteries, flash lights and most of its chemical fertilizers. After these 2 years, a family increases its income by 1 MILLION RIELS PER YEAR.
  • Cooperate with domestic workshop, DTW, to produce biogas stove, gas tap and main gas valve.